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Our cars are fully engineered and registered with the Victorian Taxi Directorate and VicRoads, and fully insured.  Although our cars are classics, you can be assured that everything is legal and safe!



In terms of pricing, we charge a minimum 4 hours from the time of pickup (this allows for up to an hour's travel each way to and from the pick up / drop off address so it is a full four hours at the booking address if you like).

Note: Please note that our prices are GUARANTEED upon payment of deposit for all booking dates between now and end of December 2014 irrespective of toll and fuel price rises.

Seating: The Eleanor Fastback is licenced to carry 3 passengers.
The Eleanor Coupe is licenced able to carry 4 passengers.

I hope that all helps and that we can help you to enjoy your special day and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask!


Our cars have both heating and air conditioning – we love our classics but don’t expect your comfort to be compromised on the day.



We take responsibility for the fact that our cars burn fuel that releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. It's important that this impact is counteracted by undertaking activity to absorb these gases. This is why we have registered our cars with Greenfleet, who plant permanent, biodiverse, native forests to offset greenhouse gas emissions on behalf.



We hope that we can be part of making your special day enjoyable. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!


1. All booking rate charges only begin upon arrival at the pickup address. The minimum price is based on up to 4 hours from the time of pickup to the time of the last drop-off. This includes allowance for travel for up to an hour each way in addition to your 4 hours of hire and all cleaning etc.


2. Wedding package payments must be paid in full ten (10) days prior to the hire date, unless special arrangements have been made (eg COD)


3. Payment can be paid via the following methods:

  • Credit Card (via phone)
  • Direct Bank Account Deposit (EFT)
  • Cash
  • Bank Cheque


4. Prices are fixed at the time of booking. Prices are GUARANTEED upon payment of deposit for all bookings made up to 18 months in advance irrespective of toll and fuel price rises, and kilometres travelled


5. Must-have Mustangs reserve the right to forego any booking/s, without refund of any deposits made, should total monies owed not have been received as agreed.


6. A 50% deposit is to be paid at time of booking. Cars quoted and accepted will not be secured until the deposit is paid.



7. In the event of cancellation, any refunds of deposits provided will be at he the sole discretion of Must-have Mustangs on a case by case basis. Under all events a minimum $250 admin fee will apply.


8. In the event of a re-scheduled date, the deposit may be re-allocated subject to availability and subject to the circumstances may attract an additional fee.


9. Our Eleanor Fastback is licensed to carry 3 passenger only, and the Eleanor Coupe is licensed to seat 4 passengers. Our drivers are required by law to refuse additional persons.


10. Cars will not be driven on unsealed thoroughfares, exceptions are private dirt/gravel driveways where a car can be driven at a slower pace. If in doubt please ask!


11. We reserve the right to refuse the carriage of passengers if they are intoxicated. By regulation, alcoholic drinks are not permitted to be consumed in our cars, however we are happy to carry them for you.


12. Must-have Mustangs will not be driven in a manner that would be considered breaking the law ie: illegal parking, speeding or hoon like behaviour. We dont want our cars crushed!


13. Every effort is made to ensure all members of the Bridal party carried in our vehicles arrive to the destination on time, however Must-have Mustangs will not be held responsible if there is an unexpected delay ie: Road closure, inclement weather, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown. While we maintain our vehicles to the best possible condition, just as with modern cars the unexpected can happen. In such circumstance we will substitute with another quality vehicle where possible, or refund for the balance of hire.

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