FAQ's About Our Service

1. Can I drive Eleanor?... I'm a really good driver!

Unfortunately due to insurance requirements we cannot offer this service. Those companies that offer similar value cars eg. lambo's and ferarri drive days require massive deposits for the insurance excess. We prefer to do the driving for you so you can take in the experience, relax and enjoy it and not have to worry about having a drink etc. along the way if you want to.

2. The Cars are Left Hand Drive - is that legal -do you need a special sticker?

If the cars are made compliant with legislation and Vic Roads requirements there is no special requirements for full registration provided the car is an historic vehicle (ie 30 years old)

3. Did the cars come from America?

Yes! our cars came in from Tennessee and California originally and were shipped over to Melbourne where the works were completed.

4. Why is your Standard Wedding Package 4 hours:-

In our experience over several years of doing weddings this is the best for you the customer as by the time there is the pickup, the travel, the ceremony, the family photos and then the car photos at the end, most people need this amount of time. Remember it is your day so you shouldn't be rushed. Also we include up to an hour detailing the cars prior, and up to an hour to and from your locations, so by the time we are refuelled back at the depot and safely locked away again it is often 8 hours later for us.

5. How fast does she do the Quarter Mile

We think of our cars as QUICK wedding cars but have sacrificed SOME launching speed due to aircon, a smooth and comfortable ride, a quiet(ish) cruise at 100 ks etc. We think that you will agree for a hire car these items are more important than speed down the quarter mile.

6. Can we come and see the cars before booking?

Yes! We offer inspection by appointment only given that our cars are usually stored remotely.

7. Do you service areas outside Melbourne?

If you are passionate about our cars and nothing else will do-unlike most companies we can also offer weddings and packages outside our usual area and have done Geelong, Traralgon, and even Cobram. Special conditions and/or rates apply.

8. Do you have other cars available?

Yes we also have Must have Movie Cars www.mhmc.com.au and have a range of other vehicles we have access to via other providers.

9. What is your youngest and oldest clients who have booked the cars?

8years and 60 years.

10. What if I cant always get you on the phone straight-away?

As we are often busy with or without the cars we cannot always get to the phone but we do aim to return all messages within 24 hours. Please either leave a message with us or email us with the booking form and we will definitely get back to you at our earliest opportunity.

11. Who did your Video?

Nicole Martin Photography www.nicolemartinphotography.com shot and edited our video which was shot over 1 VERY full day and 1 full night and then edited over many many nights. We really appreciate her help with this and think you will agree it was worth the wait.

Thanks for your interest!